Janathon day 24: done

I have new shoes!!

New running shoes and they are awesome!!

I have been having real trouble with my calves recently, it has been getting worse and making my legs and knees hurt. I have been attempting not to complain about it because I assumed it was just something that I had to accept as a heavier than average runner…

It turns out that such bad calf pain that you have to force your legs to move and can’t run again for a week is not actually normal!

It turns out that I had the wrong shoes. They are still fairly new and not worn out but completely wrong for my very flat very overpronating feet!

When I got the last ones I didn’t have a gait analysis, the man in the shop based my shoe choice on something that was similar to the ones I used to have which were discontinued.

This was apparently not an effective way to go!

This time my friend susie who works in the running shop did a proper gait analysis and videoed my feet running and everything!

I cannot believe how much difference the right pair of shoes makes!!!

It was like having a whole new pair of legs!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Today’s run was faster, and so much more comfortable than yesterday’s it was like I was a different person! I was so miserable after yesterday’s run I thought I would never be able to even attempt the half marathon, today it seems a little less daunting!!

As all this took time, I decided to switch insanity rest days and will do the pulse workout tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚


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