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Janathon day 26 (insanity max 30 day 15): done

Good evening 🙂
After spending time last week telling you how good morning workouts were and that the only truck to doing them is to just get your arse into gear and do them…

This morning I completely failed to do one. I have no reason, no excuse, I just liked my bed and stayed in it (actually I got up then got back in which is kinda words!).

Despite that I got two workouts in today, my first one was a short but faster than normal (thank you lovely shoes) run which I squeezed in to my lunch break! I only get 45 mins so it has to be a short one!


The second thing I did was insanity max 30 cardio challenge 🙂

This really does not feel like it is getting any easier!! However despite that…I am getting better 🙂
I know I am because I increased my max out time from 7:28 to 8:07 😀
I am also using the modifier less 😕 Woohoo progress!! 😀



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