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Update: I Destroyed the Ring!!

You may remember that sometime in the dim and distant past, I set out on a walking challenge…to go to Mordor!

this is a long way...

this is a long way…

By dim and distant past I mean 5th November 2013!

yes… I have been on the way to Mordor that long!!

It is a long way from the shire to Mordor!

it is 1779 miles!

the good news is…

one Thursday last week I made it! I climbed mt doom, I destroyed the one ring and noone bit my finger off…which is a massive plus point if you ask me! I have to say, it took me longer than I expected! It takes a long time to walk 1779 miles if you are expected to sit down for 8 hours of every day! But I made it!

london to moscowIn 1 year and 3 months I walked 1779 miles which is almost the same distance as walking from London to Moscow!

Now all I have to do is get back…I am aiming for a shorter time for the return journey…

mordor spreadsheet


  1. That’s impressive. I use a fitbit that I got on Mother’s Day last year, so from May-dec I did 1,443 miles. I use to do A LOT of running but now I mostly do walking cos’ the pounding for to be too much on my joints. SO I picked up Yoga & some toning with weights & of course WALKING. 🙂

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    • that is impressive!!
      My mileage goes up and down according to whether I am in a running phase or not! I prefer weights but signed up for a half marathon so have to run 😉


  2. Yes!!

    I remember this challenge. I think I thought you were crazy to head in the direction of Mordor. Why not the Bahamas? Tuscany? And look at you now! You still have all of your fingers!!

    In all seriousness, though – it’s an incredible accomplishment on an incredible journey! Congrats!

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