Janathon day 27 (insanity max 30 day 16): done

Well…Matt the trainer and Shaun T went to the same school of crazy!!

Crazy awesome, but definitely crazy!!

I did some of the same moves this morning in my PT session before work as I did in the insanity Tabata strength workout after work!!

One of which I can only describe as a press up with one leg stuck through the gap between the the hand and the arm on the opposite side…
And diamond jumps features in both
As did many forms of burpees!!

Ok so Matt didn’t make me do Tabata for 30 minutes straight with no actual rest breaks but things like jumping jacks as a “recovery exercise”
(It totally sounds like his sort of thing though)
We did do deadlifts and push presses and lots of plyometric a in between all after lots of awesome kickboxing 😀
(And it was still dark when I got there…I promise these are new pics…)


Ok Shaun T didn’t make me do kickboxing and describe a move as a Thai knee…which when said quickly suddenly became “tiny” which made us both laugh so much that we had to rename it!
He did make me do pressup toe taps though…this is where you do a press up then pull your foot up and tap it with your opposite hand!
He also made me do a lot of burpees…first!! And consequently I maxed out at 6:43 which is ok for a first go through! But I am going to do better next time!


I went for a walk at lunchtime too 🙂 but that was a pleasant amble in comparison!

17 thoughts on “Janathon day 27 (insanity max 30 day 16): done

      1. that is what my course is all about you know…
        how to torture people and stay smiley and enthusiastic…
        talking of which…I have to try a spin class :-S


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