Janathon day 31 (insanity max 30 day 20): done

And so with that, Janathon was over before you know it!!

And what did I do to celebrate?

I danced!!

It was a sussex Apple howling or wassail where we dance and perform a ceremony to drive the evil spirits away from Apple trees. It is lots of fun and involve a lot of dancing and a lot of noise making 🙂
I danced: maiden castle, poison pie, broomstick, our Henry, witch hunt, foul mouthed cat, and fanny frail 🙂

(Ps…that is my face, yes it was muddy and no that isn’t me dancing…I took the picture 😉 )

As well as this dance fun it was insanity max 30 pulse workout day. This is the low impact stretch and slow exercise day. There is no max out time, you have to max out on form apparently 🙂
Basically lots of slow small movements that are deceptively hard!

Mia puss cat helped with downward dogs and sat on my head during core exercises 🙂

So that was Janathon…
What comes next?

Febathon of course!! Same rules apply!!!

Who is with me!?!

2 thoughts on “Janathon day 31 (insanity max 30 day 20): done

  1. Not officially Febathoning myself as I know a few of those travel days will make it near impossible to get a proper sweat in, but I am recommitted to working out nearly every day. Won’t be blogging about each workout because I (still) feel it’s mind-numbingly boring. 🙂 Even just tweeting about my workouts seemed a bore fest. 🙂
    So, net – net, yes to the every day (or thereabouts) exercise; no to the blogging/logging of said exercise. Okay – MAYBE a once a week summary like I used to do but that’s it!!

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    1. I don’t think anyone is officially febathoning apart from me… But Yeay for the (nearly) every day workouts! I can understand why some of the travel days will make things difficult!
      I blogging every day or every other day at least (I may put every other day in my Febathon rules after all I made it up!) keeps me accountable and makes me want to do interesting things so I can write about it!
      Admittedly “I did insanity here is a picture of me and my cat” is
      Probably not *that* interesting to read but I will do my best 🙂
      I can see this turning into a 2015 365!! After all…I got so lazy when I allowed my self rest!!

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