Suspension Training is go!

Or possibly Febathon day 1 complete!

So right off the back of my awesome Janathon, I have decided to carry on with this daily exercise lark and do my very own continuation which I have imaginatively named Febathon.

The rules are pretty simple, they are the same as those of Janathon…except May not blog every day…I may push it to every other day…although it does keep me more accountable!

Anyway… This Febathon is off to a flying start with about 6 hours of suspension training…


Admittedly not 6 hours continuously…but a lot of those hours were spent training!

I was on a Suspension Training workshop where I was learning not only to use the suspension trainer, but to teach other people how to use it 😀

It was a very practical course, we tried everything from squats and lunges, through chest presses, inverted rows and biceps curls to pike ups and jackknifes and lots more!!

Admittedly I didn’t do too many new things as I have used my trx and the gym trx a fair bit but I do now know how to teach it to other people!

And even more important than knowing how to do it…I passed the course so I can officially train people 😀

Other than that…it was a rest day…

Did I get the idea of a rest day wrong?

6 thoughts on “Suspension Training is go!

      1. I think you may be right…also this is England people rarely say anything even if people are doing odd things…it makes me want to be odder just to see what it takes to get people to say something!!

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