Febathon back on track!

After a glitch yesterday cause by being sick (literally) today I am back on track!

I got my arse outside into the cold cold windy world and went for a run…
(I learned during this that I am not aerodynamically suited to running in the wind!!)

And what a run…ok it was hard and not the most fun run I have ever had but I went for 10km! This is the longest voluntary run I have ever done! By voluntary I mean outside of a race I have signed up for! My previous longest training / non race run was 8km so I am very pleased with today!!

I am especially pleased as I wanted to stop after 3km…I was attempting to come up with reasons to stop that sounded plausible…I couldn’t.
I had no reason to stop, everything I thought if sounded like an excuse so I carried on 😀

It wasn’t fast, it wasn’t the best run I have ever done, I attempted 4-5 min run intervals and I made them in the first half but they fell apart in the second half but I still managed more running than walking and no giving up so Yeay!!


I do have insanity catch up to do, but that is ok…I have a weekend for that 😀

10 thoughts on “Febathon back on track!

  1. So, so awesome!!! My Friday consisted of airport walking, sitting on a plane for 5 hours, followed by more airport walking. I did manage to do my core and leg challenges but step count was lowwwww. 🙂

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    1. Thank you 😀 I decided it was about time I started running longer distances if I was going to be in any way prepared for this half marathon!!
      Yesterday was a low step count for me… I did insanity in the morning but spent the rest of the day driving and being tattooed!!


      1. I just snorted coffee out my nose.
        (As an aside, be aware that if you say something funny when we are together, and my mouth is full if liquid, I will likely be spewing it all over you.)

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