Welcome to month two!!

Month two of insanity max 30, not month two of the year as that is February and that started!

Oh my goodness!! I have said it before and I will no doubt say it again…

Shaun T is trying to kill me!!

In a crazy awesome way! 😀 that was hard!! I maxed out at 5mins!!

I am determined to do better next time! It was not called Max Out Cardio for nothing!!

I tried to find a way to make myself look less knackered in that photo…I failed!! 😉

The other good thing that happened today was running 🙂
I went out in my lunch break and as it was only a short time I decided to make the most of it and throw in some sprint intervals…
I started with a steady run as a warm up it was about 12 mins which pleased me in its self as my legs felt awesome and I actually felt like I could carry on!!
I then mixed slow runs, sprints and walks between lampposts in a fartlek style for the 12-13 mins on the way back 😀 it felt like a very worthwhile use of the short time I had available 😀


It was lovely and sunny too 🙂

4 thoughts on “Welcome to month two!!

  1. I *almost* bought the P90X program on clearance sale this evening (store closing sale) but my husband reminded me we no longer have a DVD hooked up and i don’t have one on my laptop either.
    He keeps asking me why i don’t just stream the workout online. I keep explaining that the ones i want are not available on demand. :-S

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    1. Oooh Iike the idea of the p90x, the only downside is you need equipment…but if you have it it looks good!! I think I would have bought it and kept it for later…
      Or looked into external DVD drives for my laptop…


      1. Maybe I’ll go back for it. Will see. Depends what my new digs end up looking like. I may not have space for a proper home gym. 😦

        p.s. We got a couple of interesting suggestions for our one-day-in-London. I like the one about Greenwich park and the timeline. Check it out! 🙂

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