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Welcome to month two!!

Month two of insanity max 30, not month two of the year as that is February and that started!

Oh my goodness!! I have said it before and I will no doubt say it again…

Shaun T is trying to kill me!!

In a crazy awesome way! 😀 that was hard!! I maxed out at 5mins!!

I am determined to do better next time! It was not called Max Out Cardio for nothing!!

I tried to find a way to make myself look less knackered in that photo…I failed!! 😉

The other good thing that happened today was running 🙂
I went out in my lunch break and as it was only a short time I decided to make the most of it and throw in some sprint intervals…
I started with a steady run as a warm up it was about 12 mins which pleased me in its self as my legs felt awesome and I actually felt like I could carry on!!
I then mixed slow runs, sprints and walks between lampposts in a fartlek style for the 12-13 mins on the way back 😀 it felt like a very worthwhile use of the short time I had available 😀


It was lovely and sunny too 🙂


  1. I *almost* bought the P90X program on clearance sale this evening (store closing sale) but my husband reminded me we no longer have a DVD hooked up and i don’t have one on my laptop either.
    He keeps asking me why i don’t just stream the workout online. I keep explaining that the ones i want are not available on demand. :-S

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    • Oooh Iike the idea of the p90x, the only downside is you need equipment…but if you have it it looks good!! I think I would have bought it and kept it for later…
      Or looked into external DVD drives for my laptop…


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