Insanity Max 30, Month 2 Day 3…the day of the one armed burpee!

yes, you read that right…

One armed burpees…

yesterday I did the Insanity max 30 Max out sweat workout! yes…there was sweat…and a lot of maxing out!!

It even seemed to break Shaun T…yes I know they are on camera and filmed and could be lying…but he does seem entirely sincere in these workouts πŸ™‚ and he is definitely sweating!

hardest workout
this is the end…just as Shaun T declares this the hardest workout he has ever taught O_o

At the end of the workout, MR Sahun T said it was the hardest workout he had ever taught…

Which would explain why I felt like a complete beginner with no fitness to speak off who maxed out (for the first time) at just over 5 minutes!!

So back to the single armed burpee…it was called a burpee punch and th e idea was you go sown into a burpee holding yourself on one arm while punching the other arm forwards, jump back, jump forward (you know like in a burpee :-p) then stand up. There is no jump on the standing up phase of this burpee…but that doesn’t make it any easier…the key to this is to keep your feet reasonably far apart to aid balance..even the people on the dvd do this!

see one arm... I could do this...albeit slowly...
see one arm…I could do this…albeit slowly…

As I may have mentioned…I was just pleased not to face plant the living room carpet while trying this!

This was not the only crazy move involved in this workout, it was a high intensity sweat fest (as in fact it promised to be!)

The problem with this, is I have a habit of forgetting almost every move that I do during these workouts as soon as I have finished them…I think it is part of my brains protection mechanism…If I could remember how hard it was I wouldn’t do it again!

A quick google of the subject leads me to believe that this only happens to me…or other people cheat and go through the dvd slowly in order to write their detailed reviews…hmmm…

Anyway…it was awesome and I enjoyed it despite a) feleing like a complete novice and 2) doing it half an hour before going and doing 2 hours of dancing…yes…I did that again!!

max out sweat

Yes…I followed this with 2 hours of dancing…in which I danced a lot!

Including, Hunting Dance, foul mouthed cat, triskelle (twice), raggle taggle gypsy, our henry, fanny frail, company of shadows, enter the dragon…and possibly more…

it was a pretty good wednesday πŸ˜€

12 thoughts on “Insanity Max 30, Month 2 Day 3…the day of the one armed burpee!

      1. Hahaha true…best wait until tomorrow…
        You wouldn’t bulk up…by your own logic you must weigh 3lbs…if I am just under bs you can’t be more than 3 therefore burpees are fine πŸ™‚ get to it !


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