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Thursday to Sunday Febathon round up…

Sorry for the lack of posts the last few days…it has been somewhat busy round here…
Also the “what I did today” posts can get a little dull!!

So on with the round up…


Thursday was fairly light in the exercise front for this week!
I only managed one work out, but at least it was insanity max 30 max out strength! Which was complete madness!! It involved a plethora of different press up type exercises and squat type things…but to be honest as it was 4 days ago…I can’t really remember what any of them were!


Then came:


Friday was madness!

Complete madness…

First came insanity max 30 Friday fight round 2….which was completely insane and even harder than the previous hardest work out! It was really a fight!!


That is not the full extent of the madness though. What makes the day truly crazy was 40mins after finishing this Friday fight craziness…I went to a circuit training class!
It was awesome!!!
I have really missed circuit training!!!


I definitely felt that!


After crazy Friday, I decided that the best way to combat aches was to attend an early morning body pump class!
I remembered that I really enjoy body pump! It is muscular endurance rather than pure strength but as an extra on top of all the rest it is great! I was totally put off it before, possibly because I had just been doing it for too long but going back on Saturday was excellent!



Sunday was a “rest day”
Sadly I managed to complete miss the point of resting…
I started with awesome
Pilates πŸ˜€ then followed that up with a 15km walk πŸ˜€


And that brings us right up to today:


Today was insanity max out cardio again πŸ™‚
I improved my max out time by 1min38!! This is huge in terms of this work out!! I very pleased πŸ˜€


So eased I thought I would post a pic of me looking knackered!!



  1. I’m exhausted just reading this. Which, by the way, I’m doing while sitting at the departure gate in Toronto. My flight has been delayed twice. I’m watching my 2 hour layover windows shrinking to nothing. Hoping there are many other flights from Heathrow to Manchester tomorrow morning

    Anyway, question for you: what does Max Out mean? I men, I realize it probably means you stopped st that point, but do you take a shirt break and then get back to it?

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  2. Okay – I’m in the homestretch now… A few hours in the Manchester office tomorrow morning, and then I’m on the 14:15 train to London. πŸ™‚ YAY!!!

    I SO hope it’s not going to rain on Saturday. Today was miserable on the west coast (Haydock, Ellesmere Port, Chester). Yesterday was east coast: Halifax, Hull and Beverly.

    Cannot wait to get to London!

    p.s. I may die if I attempt anything too physically straining Saturday as I’ve basically been sedentary much of the past 3 days. 😦


    • Yay for the home stretch!!
      My iPhone thinks it will mostly be dry in London, which probably means it will only rain some of the time!
      It was miserable today everywhere!

      Oooh Beverley I miss Beverley! I haven’t been there for a long time but it is close to where I grew up!!

      So no circus skills on Saturday then πŸ˜›


      • A definite no to circus skills. I’m actually totally cool with just walking a ton if you’re up to it. If we did the Greenwich observatory thing, I’m told Greenwich itself is lovely with lots of antique shops, etc. But honestly I’m up for anything. So brain dead. Looking forward to completely disconnecting from work for 24 hours.

        p s Beverley was the highlight of the trip so far. Lovely town!

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      • Walking around and looking at stuff sounds like an excellent use of the day…start at Greenwich and see what happens πŸ™‚ I can look for routes to other parks that might take in interesting bits! I would like to see the observatory and antique shops sound good πŸ˜€

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