Tremendous Tuesday, Wonderful Wednesday, Tired Thursday!

Well…it has been quite a week so far!

Tuesday was awesome…but utterly crazy!!
Morning started with PT, containing the usual mixture of Tabata, boxing, kicking, lifting stuff up and trying to get my arms to do a pull up!!

Lunchtime was so sunny and pleasant that I went out into the outside and went for a run…a short one into which I threw some fartlek training…which is basically a mixture of different speeds 🙂 or to put it another way…i did some sprints 🙂

Then…in the evening it was Tabata power!! In which I increased my max out time by over 3 minutes 😀

All in all…a tremendous Tuesday!!

Wednesday was almost as crazy!!
I didn’t make the morning workout…I decided I needed a little sleep after that Tuesday!
Lunchtime involved walking not running 🙂 a nice break from work!
Then in the evening things got crazy!
Between work and spending 2 hours dancing, i shoehorned insanity max out sweat!
I had forgotten how crazy that workout was!! Not ideal as a precursor to dancing…but I am getting used to it!!

And then there was dancing…lots and lots of dancing 😀
There were standing stones and raggle taggle gypsies and kings of the faired, there were triskells and frail fannies and hunted witches and many more!

All of this lead me to a very tired Thursday…as we know, Thursday’s are tricky…and tiring and Thursday!
However I managed insanity max out strength…somehow! I made myself get through it!!


Who knows what Friday will hold…

4 thoughts on “Tremendous Tuesday, Wonderful Wednesday, Tired Thursday!

  1. My Friday shall involve some walking and possible a show at the West End. I re-aggravagated my left calf as I ran for the train. And still no compression sleeve. Because, yeah, I had a house to buy, and all. Almost to London-town! Am so freaking excited!@!@!

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      1. I’ll have to explain the sensation to you (when I re-tweak it); it’s like pudding is squeezing out of the muscle. So nasty.

        Have just checked into my second room at the Park International. The first one was rubbish. This one was £50 more but is brilliant. 🙂

        Heading out to walk about and possibly snag a ticket to see something!

        p. s. Will email you my mobile # in case we need to text tomorrow.

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