Well this came around quick!

So, this morning, I saw this and it scared me!

reading 10 days
10 days is not many days!

This is not as many days as I would like there to be between me and 13.1 miles of “running”

(yes it does need quotes…it will at best be run/walk intervals!)

It was bad enough in February when these arrived through the post…

apparently I am pink…

I received a race number, timing chip and a t shirt with a lion on it…apparently I am in the pink section..this probably means I get to start at the back…which is only fair as I suspect I will finish at the back too…

All joking aside, I am moderately terrified about this run,Β I know I haven’t trained as hard as I could have done and I am not a natural runner. However, I am going to face this with a positive attitude, I will do it, I will do whatever intervals that I can do and I will finish it in as good a time as I can!

Whatever happens I will consider it an achievement and more importantly I will have raised money to help save bears!!

I am running to raise money for Hauser Bears, who do some amazing work saving endangered bears around the world.

hauser bears

Go have a look at their website and find out what they can do…

and if you fancy sponsoring me I would be grateful (if not I probably won’t be offended πŸ˜‰ ) go here:

Sponsor link…please click!

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