A new thing is go!

So this is happening!


If you had told me two years ago that I would be running (or attempting to start up at least) a fitness class of any description i’d have laughed at you!

I have always enjoyed going to them…but never seriously thought I would run one…until now!!

But here we are and tonight I will be running my first ever outdoor fitness class!

I have advertised it all over the place locally but had no definite yeses fro anyone other than one friend of mine…

It could go either way and I am terrified!

I will keep you posted!!

30 thoughts on “A new thing is go!

  1. I am so proud of you, Sam! Sorry I’ve been very quiet on social media these past two weeks. Have been very sick – and am still awaiting resolution (meeting with a surgeon today for a consult). I saw this on FB and my heart swelled with joy! Go get ’em, my friend. xoxo

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      1. Me too, Linda. I’m normally not a whiner, and I’ve been a rock for 2 weeks but this is breaking me. Dogs get treated better than I’ve been. Makes me angry and sad.


  2. Yay! Go you! I hope it goes really well! And these things can be slow to get off the ground so don’t panic if it’s not jammers first time round – word of mouth works wonders! šŸ™‚

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    1. There was, as predicted 1 person at the class…but I actually feel way better about the whole thing now!! Some of the advertising has not been up long so I consider today a success šŸ˜€

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