So this new thing…

Ok…firstly…why do I insist on doing new things that absolutely terrify me!

The class yesterday combined my fear of talking to people with my fear of new groups and my fear of getting stuff wrong!

Consequently I spent the day terrified and on the verge of hiding under my desk panicking!!

I didn’t though…I organised stuff and sorted things and prepared things to the n’th degree…

I made exercise instruction cards and loyalty cards and had a plan and layout for the circuit and everything! I had all my equipment sorted out and on a little trolley, I even had a t shirt printed with my name and company on!

exercise cards trolley t shirt

See lots of preparation!

Despite this, when last night rolled around I was terrified!

I got to the site over an hour early, and was immediately faced with unexpected footballers which meant I had to alter where I thought I was going to set up….but that was fine as I was over an hour early…

I set up and totally forgot to photograph the set up…which is a shame as it was awesome!

then I waited for people…

and my friend Graham arrived…

and so we waited for more people…

and noone else turned up…

noone else at all!


I am choosing to view this as a positive for lots of reasons!

  • I got to work out my area and set up and I now know the areas to avoid due to children playing football!
  • I got to go through the whole class without the pressure of strangers.
  • I have a much better idea of how much stuff to plan for one class.
  • I have a much better idea of the difficulty of the exercises for a person who has not exercised a lot in the last 6 months.
  • I am now much less scared about the whole thing than I was!

As well as all of those things, I am realistic…the advertising hadย only been up for a maximum of a week and some of it only for 3 days so I have to give things a chance to establish!

I am already planning exciting things for my next class, including a new game based on netball using a medicine ball and an obstacle course type circuit run ๐Ÿ™‚

Bring on next week ๐Ÿ˜€

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