Well, who’d have thought it…

On Monday 8th July 2013 I cried in a circuit training class because I felt out of place and like I was kidding myself that I would every be fit, or anything close!

OK…my memory is not so good that I know what date it was because it was Day 17 of my 365 project and I wrote this:


If you had told me then that I would be teaching my own circuits class and a qualified personal trainer I suspect I would have been somewhat skeptical!

However…that is exactly what has happened…

yes… you did read that right…fully qualified personal trainer…

I got my nutrition results back today and I passed so I now have a city and guilds qualification in advanced health and fitness training…

I made it! My slightly premature business card is valid 😀


6 thoughts on “Well, who’d have thought it…

      1. Had 3 low-pain/pain-free days in a row Fri-Sun, but woke up this morning feeling like crap. Awaiting the call as to whether tomorrow will be the day or not.


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