Ice badger and the kettlebells of power!

ok…if I were a superhero and I had a kettlebell of power, I would certainly need super strength…it doesn’t actually sound like the most convenient power item.

Until you realise that it is the use of the kettlebell that gives you the super strength and power in the first place 😀

Have I mentioned my love of kettlebells before?

Ok…sorry I know I have and I will get to the point soon I promise!!

The point is (see I said I would) I treated myself to lovely new kettlebells! A 10kg and a 12kg as it became apparent that my 7.5kg ones were becoming too light for a lot of things…

kettlebells and coffee
Kettlebells and my lovely shiny new REPs card that says personal trainer on it 😀 and a small amount of coffee…

The lure of lovely new kettlebell toys and the sunshine and the kick up the bum I gave myself yesterday when I signed up for Juneathon inspired me to go out into the garden and get some working out done!

For some reason, still unknown to me, I then planned myself a short workout…

short but not easy… it consisted of 5 rounds of tabata, with kettlebells!! It turns out I am a mean myself anyway!

This is what I did! (excuse the hand written plan…it was only for me!)


It was hard!! But it was awesome!! I could definitely feel it and the heavier kettlebells made all the difference!!


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