Audience participation is not recommended…

As I may have hinted in my last post, this Saturday just gone was Brighton Morris Day of Dance. It was an extravaganza of twirling and whirling and clashing of sticks, and there was a good bit of unusual stuff too…

Unusual stuff such as good Cotswold Morris dancing and Molly Dancing…


apart from the usual day full of fun and dancing and walking around from one end of town to the next on the oddly planned tour that is a day of dance. there was the added excitement of a pitch invasion!

no not a pitch…that can’t be right…

what is the ground on which a morris dance is carried out called ny way?

probably just the ground…

ok there was a ground invasion.

maybe a dance invasion…

what ever it is called, this is what happened!

It was the last stand.

The one where all the tired morris dancers at the end of the day of dance, get together and show off at each other.

It was out turn to dance and we had decided to do Company of Shadows, our shiny new dance which has debuted this year. I was negotiating a turn at the end of a reel and looked up to see a gentleman (loosely) in a beige jumper standing holding up his phone in the middle of the dance.

I danced towards him hearing cries of get out of the way form all around when it rapidly became apparent that this was not being as effective as we would like.

We knew this because he was still standing there oblivious to the whirling, now fairly angry, black clad dancer with large stick all around him.

At this point I decided to take matters into my own hands and (thankfully forgetting I was holding a stick) danced into him after speeding up and aiming my shoulder at hid chest!

Even after a solid knock from my charging not inconsiderable mass he was still just standing there, albeit further back than he was (I can hit quite hard…)

At this point one of the host morris men came and removed the offender before any other members of Mythago ran into him.

I can quite conclusively say that this is the first time I have had to body check anyone in the middle of a morris dance…make me glad I do power and strength training šŸ™‚

I sadly don’t have a photo of the moment, but I have another which will hopefully give an idea of how fast we move and thus how much of a risk he was taking standing there…

I am the one on the left of the shot šŸ™‚

Never let it be said that I am subtle šŸ˜€

By Sam Catchpole

She/They | Aspiring Strongperson, Photographer, Artist, Writer,


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