Juneathon is go!

Wow…it is June!

I have to say Janathon doesn’t seem that long ago…but never mind…Juneathon it the thing now 🙂

You know Juneathon…I told you about it a little while ago…

So exercising and blogging every day in June woohoo for a mid year kick up the bum!!

Yes I really need a kick up the bum, I have only been exercising 5-6 days a week on average in April and May…which does not fit in with my “something every day” philosophy at all!

So…as is Monday and I don’t get to exercise this evening really due to teaching a circuits class (woohoo…happy feet) I made an extra special effort and got up early to go to the gym!

If you read this blog on a regular basis, you will know I have a love hate relationship with morning workouts, and my attempts to get up early and go to the gym have been hit or miss at best!

yes...that is pretty much as good as it gets!! Only don't catch a squirrel...just leave them be!
yes…that is pretty much as good as it gets!!
Only don’t catch a squirrel…just leave them be!

This morning, however, I managed it…

after a lot of snoozing, internal debate and downgrading of my breakfast from eggs to a protein bar in order to get more sleep, I eventually got my arse into gear enough to get me to the gym!

Once I got there everything was OK…it was, in my new trial of a split program, leg day.

I like doing legs so that made working out in the morning so much better 🙂

The other thing that helped this along was the contingent of “older gentlemen” who monopolise the free weights room in the morning only bench press on a Monday…so I had relatively free access to the Squat rack and the laying leg press machine 🙂

these are the things I did...
these are the things I did…

This is my legs program…and it really gave my legs something to think about!!

Funnily enough…by the time I got to the wall sits, which I had to do to failure 3 times over, I could only manage 1×1 minute and 2x30s worth of wall sitting…

The completely evil thing about this program is that the last two exercises on my list were done upstairs!


I nearly fell down the damn stairs at the end of my session! It was some form of cruel and unusual punishment!!

I do love leg day though! and I will go heavier next time…I was quite light on the leg press (1 @80kg and 2 @100kg) due to being wary of it because my legs are only just long enough to work it!!

so that was day one of Juneathon…

except it wasn’t…

I did more things!!

I did running (ish) My friend Milena has asked me to run with her so she can get fitter so she is doing the c25k program. so today we did day one week one of the c25k program. It was a nice little pulse raiser in my lunch break 🙂

lunchtime running feet 🙂
and that really is Juneathon day one done 😀

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      1. If they don’t show up – don’t take it personally! When I was doing that outdoor bootcamp, which had a crazy loyal following, on rain days, we’d easily see a 60% drop off.

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