Juneathon day 2 – the one with DOMS

That title should read the one with LOTS of DOMS and there could be swear words apart from my mum once told me not to swear over the airwaves in case anyone hears you…bandwidth is like airwaves so there will be none of that!

None of that EVEN THOUGH it hurts to get up from a chair, and so sit on a chair and stairs make me reconsider whether I really need to go downstairs to make lunch / buy lunch / go home from work…

There are a lot of memes out there about leg day...I used to think there was exaggeration involved...
There are a lot of memes out there about leg day…I used to think there was exaggeration involved…

In case you are wondering what the blooming heck I am on about…I will refer you to yesterdays post where I told you I did legs…lots of legs an entire hour of legs, compound legs and isolation legs and jelly legs and everything!

Until today, I thought all these people on the interweb making memes and wittering were probably exaggerating about these things. I thought that doing a split program can’t hurt that much more than doing whole body each time…well…either it can, or I have not been working anything like as hard as I think I have recently!! No matter. It is ache but it is good ache and it is not going to stop me from doing stuff…

apart from stand up…I am currently putting that off…


Despite the DOMS, I managed another early morning workout this morning 😀 yes…that is right…two days in a row!! Maybe I am turning into a morning bear…

yes...probably this sort of morning bear!
yes…probably this sort of morning bear!

well maybe…but only if this morning bear is one that grumbles and has coffee!


It is Tuesday, so I had PT…so really I had no choice I had to get up!

It was a pretty awesome session!

We did circuits that consisted of a set of kettlebell moves (swings, snatches, high pulls) followed by a different varieties of burpees with a bosu.

We did kickboxing (yeay) and we did power lifting moves, (more power than pure strength because of the DOMS…) interspersed with plyometric sets.

It was awesome…I did enjoy myself! I did complain about the aches…but I have to say this dis not actually stop me doing things. Nor did it get me any sympathy 😀

All in all a good day 😀

I wonder if I can keep the morning streak up…

I wonder if I will be able to walk at all tomorrow…

who knows…

12 thoughts on “Juneathon day 2 – the one with DOMS

  1. Fully awesome!
    Well I did my first kettlebell workout this morning, and I’m really *really* scared to think how I’ll feel tomorrow, because i’m already feeling it today. Oh boy. Welcome back, Nancy. :-S

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    1. Kettlebells are like that 😀
      My DOMS is so bad I am genuinely sitting in my car not wanting to get out as u know it will hurt!
      Can you imagine how I felt after two days of kettlebells on my course!!
      It was pretty much 5-6 hours each day practical!!


      1. I am mainly using the real fitness one and the blog auto tweets to the ice badger one…also the iPhone app lets you log in on as many different accounts as you like (I have 4 logged in) and you can switch really eAsily 🙂


      2. Yeah, I can switch easy enough on the phone. My issue is when I’m on my laptop and share someone else’s blog post, it defaults to whichever account I was last logged into – which always turns out to be the wrong one. I need to be more careful. :-S

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