I’ve found my thing!

You may have noticed, over the past 2 years, I have been doing any old exercise that take my fancy, and any new exercise that takes my fancy for that matter!

the interweb agrees with me!
the interweb agrees with me!

Recently I have decided that I might be better off doing more of the things I really enjoy and less of the rest…

NOW, we all know that I love dancing…so there will be no change in that 🙂

AND I have admitted in the past that running a little makes me a better dancer…so there will still be a little running. BUT I am not signing up for any more races…if you want to know why look here: Dear Running pt 2

SO I have decided to spend much more of my time lifting, really lifting, big heavy lumps of iron up and putting them down again in many different ways! This includes swinging kettlebells about too…that totally counds as lifting heavy bit of iron:-)

With all that in mind, I marched myself down to my closest gym (no i didn’t, I actually went in the car…but I had my marching attitude on!) which is also the one with the best free weights and I asked for a program!

The chap who was going to write it looked at me, then a little worried, then I said I want to lift heavy things and am not interested in cardio at all…and he looked much happier!! I wonder if he was anticipating having to try and convince me that I didn’t want to spend hours on cardio machines…

you know this is my goal right?
you know this is my goal right?

He looked so relieved! He looked even happier when I told him I was qualified to write my own programs, but that I never seem to challenge myself enough so please could I have a program that would push me and make me a superhero…oh and I would like Thor arms!

I tell you what…when you ask for that kind of thing you have to be careful because just occasionally that is exactly what you get!

I now have not one but three separate programs, (well one split one shhh) one focusing on legs, one on back and biceps and one on chest and triceps. I hadn’t really thought about a split program before, after my week of trying it…I can tell you, it seems to be effective! Every one of these session has left me with DOMS in a bigger way than anything else recently and the leg program…blimey! I did it on Monday…and I still can’t walk!


I have to say, pain and DOMS and cruel and unusual things called wall curls aside…

I am loving it!!

I love the lifting, I love that it makes me feel stronger already, despite the fact that with the exception of my deadlift, I am not really lifting *that* heavy yet…

It is already making me feel like a superhero…and much more confident than running ever has done!!

As I said, I think I have found my thing…(my other thing…as well as dancing…)

Funnily enough, I think I have also found my place…a wierd sweaty place that is quite high on the testosterone and big lumps of iron…

A place where all the “big scary” men lifting weights say good morning when you walk in and then let you get on with your own thing unless you want to chat! A place where people offer to let you work in and noone curls in the squat rack (yet…anyway!)

You know…this place:

free weights 1

excuse the look of concentration...
excuse the look of concentration…

16 thoughts on “I’ve found my thing!

  1. This is AWESOME! Every time I read something like this, or see something on the interwebs that tells me what I already know: that resistance training adds muscle, which makes you burn fat more efficiently – the more I get angry that I always prioritize on cardio.

    Time to start doing what I know I *need* to be doing. Thanks for the reminder.


      1. Yes, I do get that too…but then I notice how much I ache and know I worked harder than the step count lets on!!
        This is why I am considering a different tracker too, one that lets you record other activity as well as steps…


      2. I got a really solid recommendation for the FitBit One from one of my regular readers, Carrie – who is also a doctor. It’s got the ability to track stairs climbed (which is one of the biggest grievances I have about the old Fitbit I had and the current Garmin I have). climbing steps is way harder than walking or running on flat ground. It also has a heart rate function, so it will know when you’re really exerting as opposed to just mucking about. I’m considering going that route. Which one were you thinking?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I am (still) torn between the Fitbit Surge and the Garmin Vivoactive!
        they both seem very good!
        I have been stick between them both for about 6 months…and throw in the added caveat that I think I really want an apple watch but can’t justify the price tag!!


      4. yes, the main difference is, the fitbit has direct HR monitiring on the wrist, and the garmin has to interact with a chest strap.
        the fitbit sounds much more convenient but the garmin is apparently more accurate…and they are garmin, so I know their gps is good…
        I think it really just comes down to which one I like better…I just can’t decide!!


      5. that would be good thank you 🙂
        most of the reviews I have read seem to think the garmin is a better device, but I think the fitbit is easier for the likes of me who forget thrie HR strap all the time and sometimes wear it but forget to pair it with their garmin :-/

        Liked by 1 person

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