Juneathon day 3 – the one where I find a use for running..

so you know I had (have) DOMS… I think mentioned it… 

Maybe once or twice 😉

Well this lunchtime, quite against my better judgement I went out for a run! I have agreed to help out one of my friends who wants to start running so we are doing the couch to 5k as a place to start. So come lunchtime we had planned a run so we went for a run!

In the first run interval I complained and moaned and thought it was unlikely that my legs would survive…by the second one I felt better and by the end of the run I could even run up the stairs!! So it turns out running cures DOMS who’d have thought it 😀

It was a nice sunny day too so that was good 🙂 it ended up being a faster run than last time too so yeay! 

So that was day 3…

Oh no hang on…of course that wasn’t it!! It us Wednesday and that can only mean one thing!!

Mythago dance practice 😀

It was awesome, and I among other things learned to be the sun!! And everything revolves around me!!

Ok…It is just a part in one of our dances, but there is a bit where everyone dances around the sun 😀

And that really is it!! 


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