Juneathon day 4 – the day of the zebra socks! 

Today was a Thursday! Awesome day to work on Thor arms…thors day after all! 

(Sorry shameless Thor photo opportunity)  

I have to confess I was supposed to run today, I had agreed to run after work with my friend but I didn’t take the right kit with me…to be honest I didn’t pick up any kit and could only go tontine gym because my stuff was still in the car from PT… 

So I went to the gym, and I did my Back and biceps program. The program is awesome, but the gym straight after work is awful! Even places I like to be are made worse by being crammed full of people!! Anyway…back and biceps was completed 🙂

And it looked like this: 
And I looked like this:


I had a Thor t shirt on too… I am not actually obsessed I promise!! 

I. Addition to this, I got a walk in at lunchtime 🙂 it was lovely and sunny and I managed to walk and read a book at the same time which is tricky!  

Juneathon day 4 done 😀  

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