Juneathon day 9 – New PB day!

goos evening πŸ™‚

Way back in the dim and distant past …at 7am this morning… I get myself over to the gym for Personal training πŸ™‚

Where among many awesome other things…

I got a new personal best for deadlifts!! Woohoo new PB!! Woohoo a new Paddington!  


I managed a 92.5kg deadlift πŸ™‚

I was so happy I did several little dances in the gym πŸ˜€

Then there was a lot of Tuesday….

Fast forward through Tuesday…To the end of the day when I managed to go for a little run πŸ™‚

I did another c25k run with milena from work πŸ˜€

All in all a good Tuesday!

And juneathon day 9 done! 

Ps sorry about the short post…I keep falling asleep! 

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