Juneathon day 10 – well what a Wednesday 

Wednesday is officially cardio day!

Yes I know I do cardio on other days shhh that is not the point!

The point is I do lots of cardio on a Wednesday! 

It started at lunchtime with a shoehorned b run instead of a walk. It was only a little run, but that doesn’t matter! It was another run with my friend Milena, and it had longer running intervals in it than yesterday’s so this is good 🙂

I technically I am actually capable of running more than this, but..

1) that doesn’t matter a run is a run!

b) I am doing this to help a friend

iii) this is actually quite a nice way to rediscover the things I like about running rather than that horrible half marathon debacle!

So happy running is what happened 🙂

The came the evening with a dance practice which was somewhat interesting. The dancing its self was fun…it is always fun!

But there was a minor altercation which made some of the evening less fun! I am not going into in too much detail but there was a slight “sarcasm off” which is like a face off but more sarcastic. Followed by me standing up for my self then instantly loosing all my confidence and crying…mainly in frustration with myself!

I am frustrated that one comment from one person could make me feel in an instant like all the work I have done to improve over the last two years means nothing. In that instant I was the fat girl who could barely keep up! 

I am still angry that I can fell like that so easily…I am working on it though..

And for the record I did prove that I wasn’t that person straight afterwards! 

(I have no dancing pictures of tonight…so here is my dancing face…)  

6 thoughts on “Juneathon day 10 – well what a Wednesday 

  1. I don’t “like” this update, but I do like that in the end you proved that you weren’t the fat girl who couldn’t keep up. without knowing what the ass-hat said to you, (blood is boiling just thinking about it), I can assure you that you are WAY more fit than many skinny people I know. Thin does not equal fit. Of that, I’m sure.

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    1. Thank you 🙂
      I was so angry! I am (mostly) sure it wasn’t meant like that but there is a lot to be said for thinking about your tone and wording before speaking!
      Especially if you are the one in charge!
      The other problem is I have a nagging feeling that I ended up looking like a spoiled child having a tantrum! Although a lot of people in the side assured me I didn’t!
      I don’t know…just when you think you’ve got your confidence sorted!!


      1. I’m so sorry you had to deal with that, Sam. Especially not within a group you consider friends (I’m assuming it was at dance?). Still makes me angry to think of it.

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      2. I was still very angry this morning!
        I accept that he didn’t intend it to sound the way it sounded, but that is almost worse. I accept it wasn’t malicious, just very thoughtless.
        The good thing that came out of it was a really large percentage of the side jumped to my defence and said I was capable of, in fact they kind of made me prove it!
        I am ok now, I foresee a lowering of my acquiescence levels in my future mind you!


      3. It could absolutely be thoughtlessness (because lets hope people aren’t so nasty as to be blatantly malicious), but sometimes I wonder if it’s also just jealousy. Meaning, either they are unfit and envious that you’ve managed to do all this, so they’ll make snarky comments veiled as sarcasm. Either way, it was a shitty thing to do.

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