Juneathon day 11 – Three day Thursday 

well ok, it wasn’t really three days in one Thursday…That would be silly!

But it was the third day in a row that I went for a run!

I can’t remember the last time I ran three times in a weekly a line in a row!! (It was probably around February Nd probably under duress!).

Today, however, I enjoyed it. I was tired and had a good deal of residual grumpiness (see yesterday’s post) before I went out. When I returned however I was actually laughing 🙂 

Laughing and declaring the super awesomeness of myself and Milena loudly to the world! We ran, we didn’t really want to, but we did and we both feel better afterwards! I know excercise does this for you, and getting away from your desk in the middle of the day in the sunshine really works wonders!

It is just quite a long time since running made me happy…it was a good feeling 🙂  

This doesn’t mean I am forsaking lifting in favour of running…

Not a hope of that! 

I just needed a workout I could do in my lunch break as this evening has been full of packing for my forthcoming weekend adventures!!  


These are my (not entirely relevant) kittens! I thought I would put them up here as it is a whole done I showed you them…they are almost cats now!! 

6 thoughts on “Juneathon day 11 – Three day Thursday 

    1. They have electronic tags on their collars which interact with the radio fence around our land so they can’t escape and get on the main road!
      I am so used to them that I forget they looking giant things!! 😀


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