Juneathon Day 20 and 21 midsummer, I danced again!

Dancing at midsummer is how this whole thing started, so it is only fitting that for the 2nd anniversary of this project, I danced again!

I danced…but I did other things too!

I got up on Saturday morning and gymmed (yes in my world, “to gym” is a verb!)

as I was sort of time and hadn’t gymmed much during the past week, I decided to do a whole body work out made up of compound exercises and supersets, super efficient and super tiring!

my feet look wierd!
Super good way to start a saturday though, especially if the next thing you are going to do is drive for 4 hours to get to wookey hole caves in somerset!

Which I was!

I had to, Mythago had been invited (and paid) to be the entertainment at a wedding being held there!

It was an interesting experience, good because I got to dance, and wierd because it is strange to be the guest at a wedding of someone you don’t know! No bad though, and they were really generous, giving us lovely gifts and a good meal. I am so used to living in sandwiches and protein bars on dance out days that a meal was a welcome change!!

Then I drove home…and it took me 3 hours leading me to fall into bed at nearly 3 am!!

which made sundays getting up for pilates a struggle!

I made it though and I loved pilates (as always!) I *may* have still been suffering from dehydration from dancing mind you as I don’t often get as many bouts of cramp in me feet as I did yesterday!!

still an amazing start to the solstice day, which I finished off with yet more dancing!

Dancing and then a walk (a 3 km walk) up a hill to do more dancing on the hill top while the sun was setting! It was a lovely thing to do! and it very definitely finished Sunday in an active manner! and a manner that gave me bilsters due to stupid feet…but that is not the point!

waiting to dance Foul mouthed cat.
waiting to dance Foul mouthed cat.

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