Day 720- a look back at: Day 1 of Project Fit Enough to Dance in a Mask

720 days ago this happened…

I can’t believe is was 2 years ago!! but it was and you only have to look at a calendar for the evidence!!

So it is time for me to think about the next year…but while I do that, here is the very beginning!!

Project Warrior Goddess

Good day and welcome to my 365 project blog…

a 365 project, I hear you cry…but it is june…what is more it is the 3rd week in june…isn’t this an odd time to start a 365 project? don’t most people start these things in january?

well…the short answer to that is…yes

the medium answer to that is yes most people do…but I am not most people…

the long answer is that a 365 project has only really one stipulation…it should run for 365 days…in order to do this successfully people generally start at a “milestone date” which is frequently the 1st January  as it fits in with the new years resolution thing. However I don’t see why you can’t start one at any time and I came up with this idea just before midsummer and I thought why not do a mid year to mid year 356 project. So that…

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5 thoughts on “Day 720- a look back at: Day 1 of Project Fit Enough to Dance in a Mask

  1. Happy two-year anniversary! Hard to believe it’s 2.5 years for me. And even with my less-than-stellar 2015 thus far, it’s amazing to see how the conditioning and muscle memory come back so quickly. I was shocked at my ability to run while in Atlanta after months of not running. And my ability to lift things, squat, lunge, etc. is still right there. Our bodies are amazing, aren’t they?

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