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Year 3…what challenges await?

So, somewhere around midsummer I mentioned that it was the end of my second year of this health and fitness lifestyle change malarky…

So many things have happened in the second year, I have run a (possibly ill advised) half marathon I have danced and danced and danced, I have discovered a love of lifting and of course I have gained my personal trainer qualification and started (attempted to start) up an outdoor fitness circuit training class…

The real question is…what next?

I have still not got where I want to be…I (despite being happy with what I have achieved and not really scale focused any more) still could stand to lose some more weight size…to make jumping and dancing easier if nothing else…but beyond that, I am plodding along, exercising as much as possible and attempting to train other people to do the same…

I feel I need some sort of plan for year 3…

firstly, I am considering a name change for the blog, it has become clear that this is about more than just my 365 challenge(s) so I am thinking of changing the name…possibly to something about superheros…

secondly I am looking for new challenges…

I even have the bowler hat...

I even have the bowler hat…

to this end, I would like to open the forum up for suggestions…

what would you guys like to challenge me to do?

I will consider (only consider mind you) anything…

apart from a marathon I will not even consider running a marathon!!


  1. I really wanted to come up with a wry and witty challenge for you, but was distracted by the bowler hat and decided to admire that instead. But whatever you get up to, I wish you all the very best and look forward to reading about it!

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  2. Hmm – I need to think on this one a bit.

    Funny you should talk about considering a reset – both in terms of year 3 challenges and the name/focus of the blog. I’ve been considering making some changes too – but I am pretty attached to My Year of Sweat. 🙂 I really think for me the focus needs to shift from exercise (which I’m back to doing with regularity and focus) to eating. This is the area I’ve really fallen off after year 1, and the area I must focus on if I hope to breakthrough to the next level of health and wellness. I really need to give more thought to how to make that happen in a way that’s not short-term (juicing/cleansing/etc) – and a way that’s both structured and sensible – and makes sense for my life.

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  3. p.s. Where have you been? You’re not blogging!

    p.p.s. You missed my post about hiking in stupid-hot temps last week. (I failed to write about going to the Emergency Room at the local hospital the following day because I was all dizzy and losing my balance. Shh…no one needs to know that part.)


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