100 days of change: week one

That is a whole week of change…I wonder if there has been any change…I suspect it is hard to tell.

There have been some changes is that the same thing as change?


Tuesday was day of change the first!

Tuesday is the day on which I traditionally have PT…and this Tuesday was no different! It was an awesome early morning PT session too. The format hasn’t changed too much since I last told you about it, there was boxing and kicking and some of it was sparring which was generally awesome as I got to attempt to kick/hit matt…and I managed it more often than I expected.. πŸ˜€

there was also some squatting heavy heavy squatting πŸ™‚ in fact….

drum roll please…

woohoo New PB :-D
woohoo New PB πŸ˜€

There was a new squatting paddington bear!! I managed to squat 65Β kg πŸ™‚ this made me happy!! I suspect my range of motion wasn’t as good as it could have been but it was still good πŸ˜€

It is also an excellent excuse for a paddington gif πŸ˜€

Tuesday also involved a lunchtime walk πŸ™‚

Wednesday was Dancing day!! (in a similar vein to Tuesday, Wednesday has not changed much) there was dancing and dancing and dancing and dancing!

You get the idea, there was lots of dancing πŸ™‚ especially as there were not that many dancers at practice so I got to dance many many dances πŸ˜€ including (just for Nancy) spank the monkey πŸ˜€

before there was dancing…there was walking, about 2km of lunchtime walking to be precise πŸ™‚

Thursday involved a NEW THING…

I should have this on a t shirt!
I should have this on a t shirt!

Yes another NEW THING!!

It is related to the terrifying new thing that I tried a few weeks ago…

(this thing)

Well I decided, that as much as I love the idea of that gym 40 mins to drive to a gym is just too much, it make an hour gym session into over 2 hours which is too much!

not as scary as the one in Worthing...probably
not as scary as the one in Worthing…probably

So I looked around and I fount the forest gym:Β http://www.theforestgym.co.uk/Β It is a bodybuilder / powerlifter gym and is in a hut in Crawley…Crawley is in its self terrifying but I thought I may as well give it a try! I made this much more likely to happen by arranging to meet one of the trainers there to have some training and stop me running away!
So at 7am thursday morning I arrived at a hut full of heavy iron things and met a guy who them made me lift a lot of them up! (ok…as a percentage of all the heavy things in the building I didn’t pick a lot of them up but I was a lot for me!) He wormed his way into my good graces by making me do deadlifts (woohoo deadlifts) then made me hurt by making me do high reps!! pyramid sets of 12, 10, 10, 8,8 getting heavier each time…this is muscular endurance training! My body nearly mutinied…but I convinced it to carry on because much as I love strength (5 reps or lower) I know endurance is important and that is will all controbute to the muscle building that in turn leads to fat burning (yes…I am still trying to convince myself too…I know it is good but I hate high reps!).

So with a lot of training for my back and triceps, and another luchtime walk, that was Thursday!

Friday was a bit of an exercise fail.

not enough exercise...but a really good hat!
not enough exercise…but a really good hat!

It was beyond my control as I had to attend a family wedding, so there was a lot of standing, and enough walking around to constitute 30 mins of activity…but only just…

I made up for this in two ways…

firstly I had a really awesome hat…which I made myself πŸ™‚ (ok that doesn’t really make up for it…i just wanted an excuse to show you!)

and saturday…I definitely made up for it on saturday!

Saturday started off with my second park run. I haven’t told you about my first park run, but I will… suffice to say for now is my second park run was a much more positive experience than my first! This was entirely down to my state of mind! I was much less angry and much happier about it! I was slow but I ran much more than i did on my first attempt! I realised that these park runs were the first runs I have done over 3km since the terrible and infamous half marathon!! I was slow, but I didn’t hate it!

For the uninformed amongst you, park run is a free, weekly, timed 5km run.

6 thoughts on “100 days of change: week one

    1. Lots of flights is no good! But at least there was walking! This week was slightly harder work as my trainer gave me a terrifying eating plan which nearly broke me! Thankfully that has been remedied!


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