100 days to change week 3

So week three was very much the same as week two…

I am not sure how much you want to read about me doing more or less the same things again, I can’t make the words too different or the meaning changes. This is part of the nature of words…

so I am going to make a list then show you lots of photos of my adventures 😀

Tuesday – PT, walking
Wednesday – Walking, Dancing
Thursday – New PT (Chest and biceps), walking
Friday – Lots of demoing while PTing
Saturday – Run or Dye (5km), PT session (Legs and back)
Sunday – Pilates
Monday – Walking!

WFWX4628[1] IMG_0780[1] NBMK6960[1] IMG_0737[1] IMG_0852[1] IMG_0848[1] IMG_0923[1]

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