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Eeeek! Time for an update!

Good day good people of the world…or at least those who haven’t given up on this blog completely due to the 21 day hiatus! 21 days…3 weeks! sorry!

I have many excuses (busy…blah blah) but really I have just been rubbish! sorry!

So here is a summary of my last three weeks of the 100 days to changeย challenge thingy! As last time, I am going to do it in pictorial form as long lists of everything I have been up to are not as interesting as they could be when a lot of it is repetitive! Especially when it has to cover 3 weeks :-/

It has, on balance been a pretty good and very active three weeks, there have been times when I really should have dropped at least one thing from my schedule but didn’t and one occasion when my legs were so tight and achy that it hurt, not only to move them, but to touch them…so I decided that a rest was called for…IMG_1372 IMG_1402 IMG_1363 IMG_1352 IMG_1301 IMG_1308 IMG_1316 IMG_1204 IMG_1231 IMG_1247 IMG_1190 IMG_1165 IMG_1126 IMG_1103 IMG_1442 PMBZ0594 CWUK8307 IMG_1035 IMG_1426 IMG_1197 IMG_1274 IMG_1259 IMG_1215


    • pilates is awesome! so good for general strength but particularly core and it is deceptively hard!!
      this is from me who is far to cynical for yoga!

      I thought the pictures gave a good idea of what i had been up to without have to make people sit through a blow by blow account…


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