In interesting new thing occurred

I don’t think I have written about new things for a while…and this one is excellent!!

Yesterday was Sunday,that isn’t the new thing. For a long time I have had a Pilates class on a Sunday, that isn’t the new thing either. The new thing is that at yesterdays Pilates class, instead of being a participant, I was the teacher!

OK I was a cover teacher filling in for Sarah who was busy having a birthday.

OK I didn’t cover it with Pilates I covered it with my own made up blend of core and conditioning work.

Those things are not the point! The point is, it was a real class at a real leisure centre and I was in charge!

It went ok, the class participants are mainly middle aged plus and not into jumping about so I had to plan a calm class that focused on core strentgh and “toning”. I spoke to a few afterwards and they apparently didn’t hate it, so that is ok 🙂 Not hating it counts as a win in my books 😀

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