Challenge for 2016

Being the organised sort (ahem…shhhh all of those that know me…the interweb will never know this is a lie), I have already sorted out my first challenge for 2016.

It is another scary one, and I am not 100% sure it won’t kill me…but then I did a blummin half marathon and that didn’t (quite) kill me! It will be much much more fun than that

So…I have decided…to become an Insanity instructor!

Future Insanity instructor!!

Sadly I don’t believe that this means I get to meet Shaun T, but it doesn’t mean I get to teach Insanity classes, official ones πŸ˜€ It will be so much fun!

It is very exciting! and more than a little daunting!

The thing that makes the whole experience tip over into exciting rather than terrifying is I am not doing this on my own πŸ˜€ my friend Sarah who is also my Pilates teacher is going with me. This means I only have to be scared of how hard the course will be and not how many other people there will be there!! πŸ˜€

It is all booked in for the 22nd January, so there is no going back now!! “come on y’all lets gooooooooooo”

(no I don’t think I will be doing any Shaun T impressions in real life :-/ )


13 thoughts on “Challenge for 2016

  1. Oh wow! That Insanity video is HELL ON EARTH! I don’t know where you are based in the UK (no need to reveal yourself online, fear not) but if you qualify as an instructor and I can reasonably make it to one of your classes – I will! That could be my challenge for 2016. You go girl! πŸ˜€

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    1. That would be awesome!!
      I don’t mind revealing that I am in Sussex!
      I have done the insanity DVDs and the j sanity max 30 ones…I think I may die at the instructor training!!


  2. Woweee! That is AWESOME! Very, very, very proud of you!!!

    p.s. your half marathon mention reminded me to tell you that last Saturday, when we were in San Diego for the weekend, I walked 14.4 miles – a little more than a half marathon! πŸ™‚

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