Enforced Rest

part of the programI have had a cough, one of those horrible, non stop, lung regurgitating type of coughs that stop you doing anything and make breathing hurt. I also came with a bonus free gift of a cold.

Consequently I have had to rest O_O

I have now been a whole week without setting foot in a gym. I have only been for a lunchtime walk once and that was a bit of an amble.

I danced at the weekend but it nearly killed me. I only went because we were short on dancers and I was the dragon in the story (I was so not with it I forgot to get any dragon-y pictures for you all 😦 )

I danced on Wednesday evening because I thought I was getting better, I was getting better, but not as much better as I thought so Thursday was another day resting.

Now it is Friday and this is the longest rest period I have had (enforced or otherwise) since I started this blog!

I have to say, I have hated it, but I really really needed it! If there is one thing I have learned this past .5 years, it is that sometimes you just need to rest. And a really good example of those time is when you can’t get through a whole sentence without coughing!

The good news is…I am almost better now and normal service will be resumed!




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