Second challenge of 2016 sorted…

I have decided I need to challenge my self more in the coming year. I faffed around a lot this year, after the big half marathon crazy challenge I mostly bimbled along maintaining my fitness but not really improving.

I did other things, like getting Real Fitness off the ground, but for my own fitness I was mainly static.


So In 2016 I am aiming to set myself more challenges. I am not committing right now to anything concrete like a challenge every month, but I will let you know when I have decided 🙂

For now, I will tell you about the second thing I have signed up for in 2016…

It involves running and obstacles and getting messy…

No…It is most definitely not Tough Mudder!!!

Nor is it a Wolf Run or any muddy obstacle extravaganza…

colour obsA friend and I have signed up for the Color Obstacle Rush 😀

It is 5km with 20 obstacles, which seem to involve foam, giant inflatables and wet sponges…

This seems like much more fun than ice water, electrocution and fire 😉

I am not very good at a) races and b) getting messy so this is a challenge, albeit a fun and not that serious one 😀

Fun is good though…we should all have more of it!!

11 thoughts on “Second challenge of 2016 sorted…

  1. p.s. I just remembered, while flying home last night, that many weeks ago you asked me for my mailing address. We’ll, that’s not the part I remembered, what I remembered was to tell you that if you mailed something to me, I haven’t received it yet. Not that I’m asking you to mail me anything, I’m just worried that you might have, and that I didn’t receive.

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    1. That would be my terrible lack of organisation! It is sitting on my dining room table along with the thing I got for my friend Rachel a few weeks ago that I also haven’t sent…
      I will send it soon I promise and pretend it was meant for Christmas and done on purpose 😉

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