New Paddington day!!

woohoo New PB πŸ˜€

Ok…I was totally going to be subtle and tell you about Sunday in order and leave the exciting PB news until the end…

But I am excited so I am not waiting!

I increased my deadlift PB yesterday πŸ™‚ it now stands at 95 kg (or 209 lbs for the non metric among you! ) Β πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

I was shocked… so shocked that I did it two more times just to make sure!

I was shocked, not only that I lifted it, but that it felt easy!! I had been stuck, trying and failing to get 95 kg for months now and suddenly it felt so easy I could do it 3 times! This shocked me so much that I had to add up the weights on the bar 4 times because I believed we had got it wrong! I have literally just added it up again on my work desk pad to make sure and yes…it really was 95kg! Woohoo! I did not dance in the gym for nothing!!

Look 95kg…being held by me…:-D πŸ˜€ I lifted that πŸ˜€

I have no idea what made sunday different, I am surprised that after 1.5weeks of illness and no exercise I was suddenly better! Especially considering that this was towards the end of the training session and I had done a pilates class first…

Maybe the rest did me good.

Whatever the reason I was very over excited!

buffy yeay



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