Throwback Thursday: Extra – Biggest Challenge yet!

Wow…2 years ago today I signed up for my PT course!! 😀

Project Warrior Goddess

imagesThis one is a biggy!

No, I am not running a marathon, I have not  signed up to walk 100kms (although I am still thinking about that shh) I have not even signed up for a 10k…

This on is not an event based challenge, it is a huge step towards making my lifestyle change a permanent one challenge (please don’t analyse the grammar in that sentence!). It is a huge incentive to carry on working on my own health and fitness.

Ok…I’ll tell you what it is…

I have signed up for a Personal Training course 😀

logo-futurefitThis one in fact: Specialist Diploma in Advanced Personal Training (Training Techniques Specialist I will become first a qualified Level 2 gym instructor and the qualified Level 3 personal trainer.  It is both really really exciting, and really really terrifying! I signed up yesterday, and it was this that made me slightly…

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