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Janathon day 4

Today there was more running!

Yes you read that right! More running!! 

That is 3 days out of the 4 so far in this janathon season! I am still not hating it!

I am even actually enjoying the things I always used to like, the getting outside, the challenge of improving my intervals, the smugness that comes with going out for a run on my lunchbreak…

Ok that last one is not really true… It is not really not really smugness, I don’t actually feel better than other people but I do feel pleased with myself for going πŸ˜€ 

Yes that’s right I m back to lunchtime running, it seems to work. I can get a good break from slept and sitting and I then have the evening free to meet with another potential PT client πŸ™‚ (yes that happened and it as awesome fun!)

I probably started off a little fast, and didn’t pace myself very well, which made my pace and continuity at the end a bit all over the place, but still pretty good for me and I went further today than I did on my before Xmas lunchtime runs so that is a win!! 

In addition to that, when I set of for this run it was raining!! I was really pleased when it stopped mind you!!

Janathon day 4 done πŸ™‚ 


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