Janathon day 6 

What else would you expect from a Wednesday but dancing!

Lots and lots of dancing! Of course…it was Mythago practice night :/D and awesome fun it was too! Much as I hate to admit it, I do feel fitter when I dance if I am also doing some running!

Not at exactly the same time…obviously… That would be incredibly hard…and logistically complicated! 

But you know what I mean!


There was dancing and it looked a bit like this…


There was walking too, in my lunchbreak I went for a walk, in which I got looked at by 3 robins and 3 squirrels…I suspected a conspiracy or some sort of woodland creature surveillance operation…

After all, we know you can’t entirely trust squirrels I have mentioned it before 🙂

I am fairly sure the robins are on my side though so I think is is ok 😀

The other thing I remembered is that you walk much quicker when you are not wearing new rocks that weigh 2kgs each! 

Yes, I know…that should be obvious…shh! 

Janathon day 6 done 🙂

8 thoughts on “Janathon day 6 

    1. Dancing is so much fun!! Practice is awesome, I love that we practice all year round, a lot of Morris sides don’t practice during dancing season in the summer!
      New rocks do look awesome and no matter how hard they are to walk quickly in I am not stopping wearing them…I dance in them after all 🙂

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