Janathon day 7 

The day that involved walking, I have to say not a huge amount of walking ( about 2km) but it was some walking and every step counts!

I went for my usual lunchtime walk but for the last few days I have felt like someone has pumped concrete into my quads! I think the knots in them are fighting 😦 I feel some sports massage coming on!

Consequently I decided to stick to my walk, it is not nothing and it is, after all, Thursday and they are just so tricky!!

I did miss my new rocks too…I had to find an alternative route as the water was coming into my shoes O_O

Nevertheless janathon day 7 done! 

9 thoughts on “Janathon day 7 

  1. It’s been a while since I came by here, and it’s just struck me how much happier and more confident you look in the photos that you did in the beginning! How is everything going for you?

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