Janathon day 9

Today there was walking…and yoga!

There was a trip to Brighton involved which ended up containing a fair amount of walking πŸ™‚ 12000+ steps which was nice.

As j mentioned previously I have had a weirdly bit damaged but excessively tight quad recently, so in an attempt to fix this I decided to do some yoga.

I am not brave enough to go to a yoga class…I will one day…I promise but for now I found a pleasant woman on you tube who seemed to have a good approach to the whole thing πŸ™‚ 

She was very yoga-y and she had a yoga voice, but she had a fun attitude she did not once tell me to stretch my kidneys! 

I realised while doing the video that I really really do need to incorporate more of this stretch-y flexibility enhancing stuff into my life! It will never be my favourite thing, and there is still a huge cynical voice in my head which doesn’t want me to do this, but I am going to try to ignore it and get more flexible πŸ˜€

Yes…I know I say this a lot then ignore myself…but I really will try!!

I also found that still very interested in yoga!

Janathon day 9 complete!

11 thoughts on “Janathon day 9

      1. Even if it was possible, I just can’t see the benefits of long floppy kidneys :-/
        How would they stay where they were supposed to be?!?
        They would droop down over other organs and get in the way!
        What would happen if you stretched all your other organs as well…they might get all tangled O_O


  1. As a general comment: I love reading about your relentless motivation to keep on doing various forms of exercise. Great reminders for me too, even though this janathlon I’ll skip due to jet lag πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you so much πŸ˜€
      I think a lot of the time knowing I can write about them, makes me more likely to do new things πŸ™‚
      It is always worth doing something that gives you a good story πŸ™‚


      1. It is odd isn’t it how blogging changes your perspective…
        Last week when my walk was blocked by a huge puddle I tried to walk through, when I discovered it was too deep, instead of just getting out and going a different way, I stopped in the puddle to take a photo for my blog first!

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