Janathon day 10 

So much for being sensible and resting my super tight quad…

Shh! I know common sense not always my strong suit… 

I did two workouts today… The first was my awesome Sunday Pilates class, amazing as always and acted as both a reset and a reminder of the muscles I worked in Friday which although didn’t have incapacitating DOMS…definitely feel like they have worked 😀

It is a good ache though and I do love it!! 

That was the sensible portion of Sunday…

The slightly less sensible portion of Sunday was when I took my new to the gym husband to the gym and introduced him to the concept of leg day!

Actually leg day plus deadlifts 😀 blooming awesome!! Although I did dial back the legs a little to give my quad a fighting chance…

I was working on full depth squats for every rep so didn’t go quite as heavy as usual! I am making a concerted effort not tokimo in range of motion this year 😀

It held up pretty well to be honest and I only had to stop and foam roller it twice…

Yes I know how that sounds! I promise it is ok!! 

Janathon day 10 done 🙂

7 thoughts on “Janathon day 10 

  1. Well done, you! I’m still taking it easy until I sort out the health situation – but I have been doing some Tabata workouts every day. Flying out to Vancouver tomorrow, so we’ll see how things go on a 5 hour fllight. :-S

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    1. Yes!! Health first!!
      Eek! 5 hour flights sound less than fun…the long haul flight is the only thing I am not looking forward to about our forthcoming adventure, which is looking like the last 2 weeks of May and we are thinking about sf/Yosemite/grand canyon or something like that 🙂

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      1. Awesome! Can’t wait until you firm up the details. My wedding anniverary is the 23rd of May, so we usually take holidays that week. It would be great to connect up while you’re near(ish). 🙂 Maybe join us for a side trip to Napa / Sonoma for some wine tours/tastings?

        And yep, the long flight has me a little nervous because my BP is still high (but WAY lower than it was last week) and the MRI isn’t happening until 20th Jan – so we still have no answers as to what happened new year’s eve – other than a brain blip of some kind. 😦

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      2. Oooooh a side trip sounds like an excellent idea 😀 we have to connect up! 😀
        Not that there is anything you can actually do but be careful in your flight!!
        Brain blips are scary I am still keeping my fingers crossed for you! Xxx

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      3. Thanks lovely. I’ll let you know that I made it okay by checking in on FB when I arrive. I’m totally not into sharing health stuff on FB, so I won’t say anything about that, but I’ll make sure to post updates so you know I’m alive. 🙂

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