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Janathon day 11

The day I nearly completely forgot to tell you things!! 

I decided to have a lighter day today, rest days are important as I have said before! Rest days, however don’t need to be totally inactive! So today’s exercise consisted of my lunchtime walk. It was 25 mins, it was 1.8km and it was more challenging than it could have been after leg day yesterday! Especially as my quad is still on the tight side!! 

It was challenging for another reason…

I have lovely shiney brand new doc martens which I got on Saturday and really need breaking in! So my walk was complete with all the sore bits and completely inflexible ankles that come with new docs! It was totally worth it though! 

Worth it because my boots are awesome! Worth it because it was nice to get a walk in and away from my desk in the middle of the day. Worth it because it actually wasn’t raining for once (woohoo) and totally worth it because I met a giant turtle πŸ™‚ 

Yes, I was wearing optimistic sunglasses!!

Janathon day 11 done πŸ˜€


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