Janathon day 12

Eeek I nearly forgot again

Which is unforgivable really for a Tuesday!! After all Tuesday is the only day I regularly succeed in getting up super early (5:30am) to get to the gym before work! 

Yes…I know I go to the gym at 7 so getting up at 5:30 seems excessively early…

If you had ever seem me eying to function in a morning without leaving enough time for fm coffee, you would know why this extra hour is important!!

Of course Tuesday is not only early gym day, but it is early personal training day 😀

It is generally awesome and today was no exception!! Today we did boxing and lifting! Both so much fun!! I did squats and deadlifts and rows and bench presses and kettlebells and clean and jerks all mashed up into two big circuits!! I did accuse Matt of trying to kill me at one point…

It was the 50kg seared row point to be exact!!

But no matter…it was still blooming awesome!!

Janathon day 12 done 😀 

(Ps I love my new workout top)!!

10 thoughts on “Janathon day 12

  1. The new top is indeed superb! I totally sympathise with you about mornings. These people who can leap out of bed and hit the ground running are anomalies of nature. A body needs a moment (or several) to adjust itself in the mornings.

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