Janathon day 13

Wednesday can only mean one thing…

Dancing day 😀 woohoo!!! 

It was as normal Mythago practice! Which was of course awesome!! There was a relatively low turn out again on the dancer side, which is good for me as it means I get to dance a lot 😀 so I danced and danced and stopped periodically to poke my quad to loosen it…

But mainly between dances so that is ok!

 There was also walking 🙂 
I went on what should have been a nice lunchtime walk in the sunshine whilst wearing a cloak…but turned into a lunchtime walk which involved a run in with a dog who barked and growled at me while going around me in circles! It was ok though, the owner said he is just a big softie with a loud bark… :-/ this was not reassuring…at all!!!

So after a little hurrying away and changing direction I had a nice walk in the sunshine 🙂 

Janathon day 13 done 🙂 

3 thoughts on “Janathon day 13

    1. It was really intimidating! I am not good with dogs at the rest of tines!! How hard would it have been to put it on a lead!! Especially after I said the words “I am quite scared” it wasn’t ambiguous!!


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