Janathon Day 14

Today, contrary to all common sense, I went to the gym twice!

The first time was an experiment, both to try out a promising new gym that has opened really beat my work and to find out if it is feasible to go to the gym in my lunchbreak.

I like the gym, and it is feasible if a little rushed!

The advantage of this new gym is space, it has 4 squat racks each with enough space in front of it to set up a deadlift bar or a a circuit or something! So as I was pushed for time I did the following cross fit style circuit:

5 x 45kg squat, 5 X plank jack burpee, 5 X kettle bell clean and press per arm.

Repeat this circuit as many times as possible in 15mins

I then added on 3 X 5 deadlifts at 70kg just because they are awesome!!

 I think this could be a workable plan 🙂 and lifting in my lunchbreak makes me much happier than running in it!! I am not sure the rest of my office agreed mind you… I was a tiny bit hyperactive and slightly over excited!

Yes…I did actually declare myself awesome when asked how I was by a new project manager, he has known me a week and hasn’t got used to me yet…

Ther was an outside chance I was a little over the top…

So that was lunchtime…

In the evening after training my lovely new client, I went to my original gym with my husband who is beginning to get the hang of gymming 🙂

We did primarily upper body work, and I threw in some clean and jerks at the end for fun 😀

Janathon day 14 done 🙂

4 thoughts on “Janathon Day 14

    1. 😀
      I think he was mostly confused about my sudden expressive enthusiasm!!
      They are gradually getting used to my random “quirkiness” here, but this poor bloke has only been with the company 2 weeks!!


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