Janathon day 15 – apparently I need to rest more!

Today I did some sensible things!

Yes, really!!

No you are not misreading that! I did some sensible things!!

Firstly I went to see my awesome friend dan who is training to be a sports massage doing person! He is fixing my super tight quad (and apparently adductor and it band and hamstring…) once he is qualified I will gladly pay him lots of money to do this!!

My leg still hurts but in a way that feels like it had been prodded hard and will get better like before when it felt super tight and full of concrete! This is a considerable improvement!!

Later on I decided to not undo all the good work by doing squats!!

Instead I did some yoga! 

Yes more yoga! A “sequence” designed to relax you apparently, not something I  am that good at to be honest, but I thought it had to be worth a try!! 

During the course of the video I learned that this is really hard with tight quads:

I learned that this is a real pose called Happy Baby:

And that it is actually quite a lot more relaxing than it looks!!

I also learned that due to my ridiculous legs, sitting cross legged at the omens really hurts…I need to do more yoging!

Janathon day 15 complete! 

15 thoughts on “Janathon day 15 – apparently I need to rest more!

  1. OMG, I just pee’d my pants laughing at your Happy Baby pose comment. One day, several years ago, I was doing a yoga video, and had just gotten into Happy Baby when my husband came in the room. His eyes lit up, “YEE HAW! He explained, let’s go!”, believing my position was an invitation for some sexy time. πŸ™‚

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