Janathon day 18

Eeeek I am slightly late blogging!! But aside from that, I totally did my quota of exercise!

I did another whirlwind lunchtime my session! It is rushed but fun! It is a little like DIY cross fit!

I did 3 rounds of

5x kettlebell swing burpee, 5x box jump, 5x know snatch r + l (all 16kg kb)

Then 5 rounds of 

5x burpee box jump 10x kb swings (16kg)

Then 2 rounds of 

5x Trx pike + plank hold! 

No rest!

No rest make this a whole lot harder than it looks!! 

Janathon day 18 done! 

14 thoughts on “Janathon day 18

      1. I’ve been doing a lot of Tabata – some as short as 14 mins total, but I’m pretty sweaty when I done!

        p.s. I don’t want to jinx it, but… I *may* have to go to Manchester on business again. If I do, I’ll try to work a Fri/Sat stay in London again. Fingers crossed.

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      2. oooh!! oooh!!
        fingers crossed! (not getting excited in case i jinx it!)
        We are still figuring out our adventure…it may be a little scaled back now due to unexpected changes to the tax system in the UK giving us a bigger tax bill than we expected :-/
        hopefully we will still work out a way to get over that way though!

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