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Janathon day 19

So…it is Tuesday, and it is still personal training day šŸ˜€

It is still dark when I arrive at the gym, although I (like to) think that jabs getting lighter!

It is still ridiculously hard to get out of bed at 5:30 to get there in time.

And we still do an awesome combination of boxing and weights and other awesome stuff.

Today some of the selected randomness included knee tucks and scissor legs while holding myself up on dip bars…which sounds hard but is actually super terrifying as the dip bars at at my shoulder height and accessed by steps which are set back…it makes getting down a lottery!! 

Luckily I had a 100% (unlike the lottery) accuses rate and did not miss the step once! 

Woohoo I survived!!

Janathon day 19 done


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